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Nevada Online Poker Revenue: Better Than Delaware, Worse Than New Jersey » Online Poker Report

Poker revenues in Nevada nothing to write home about. It seems like the revenue will continue to disappoint in the near term. NJ online revenue figures for February should be out shortly. Nevada Online Poker Revenue: Better Than Delaware, Worse Than New Jersey » Online Poker Report.

External proof the NJ poker numbers are declining is a website and service that bills itself as the leading source of information about the online poker industry. Their online poker liquidity(traffic) rankings give a clear picture of the internet poker industry as a whole. By looking at the data that Pokerscout provides, one can clearly see the beginning of a downtrend in poker […]

Internet gambling growth slows in New Jersey

27 days ago in one of the discussions I started on this forum, I stated the following regarding online poker:  “In the global market there is a huge pool of players that can replace the players dropping off from various websites. In NJ, there is a finite number of players and we already know from surveys […]

My colleague Prof. Joseph Kelly discussing the recent lawsuit by a California Gambler against the Downtown Grand AirTalk | 89.3 KPCC

The recent lawsuit by Californian Mark Johnston against the Downtown Grand Las Vegas, illustrates the lengths some people will go towards dishonoring gambling debts. While all the facts of the case have not yet been made apparent, drunkenness  is not a defense in Nevada to incurring gambling debts. Please click the link below and then […]

Mississippi Fails To Approve Legalized Online Gambling Bill

On Tuesday last week, the Mississippi legislature decided to strike down a proposed bill entitled “The Mississippi Lawful Internet Gaming Act of 2014”.  Mississippi was one of the states that had been touted in a recent news piece as prospective states that were looking to pass online gambling laws in 2014. As I had mentioned […]