Biblical Reproductions (BR) is a consumer facing website that sells authentic reproductions of artifacts from the Holy Land under exclusive rights from the Israel Antiquities Authority.

BR was founded by Alex Igelman in 2011 and we strive to bring the bible to life through sales of replicas of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Monumental Inscriptions, and other important artifacts.

Pontius Pilate Inscription- Alex Igelman


Pontius Pilate Inscription- Alex Igelman


Our Mission Statement

Biblical Reproductions Inc. was created to bring the opportunity for the public to own reproductions of key artifacts excavated in the Holy Land, – many of which provide external confirmations to the Bible. We are proud to deliver high quality authorized replicas, at affordable prices, for our customers to create mini-museums in their homes, churches, synagogues, congregations, temples and community centers, and to share the fascinating stories behind these special discoveries.

At Biblical Reproductions. we understand that high quality products must be complemented with outstanding customer service. Our staff and management share the commitment to exercise our best efforts to respond to needs of our customers. Biblical Reproduction Inc. has the exclusive North American rights for reproduction of artifacts granted by Israel’s Antiquities Authority.