NJ online gambling sites to combine prize pools

By | January 12, 2015

NJ online gambling sites to combine prize pools

In a posting I made in June 2014, I stated that one of the ways NJ online poker could thrive was to pool liquidity.

In particular I said:

Poker is practically a dead horse and the operators should consider pooling liquidity and using one software provider for the entire State with all the operators sharing in operational costs and proportional revenue (based on delivering players).”

Interesting to see that 888 and WSOP have joined forces even though they are both operating under the 888 platform.

I still believe that ultimately there should only be one platform in the NJ with all the operators driving traffic to the one platform.

To see my original blog post click here:


Too see the article regarding 888 pooling liquidity click here:

NJ online gambling sites to combine prize pools.

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