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By | January 15, 2015

Scott Longley – Regulus Partners – Hype Times | SBC News

In this article, Scott Longley of Regulus Partners takes a close look at the recent acquisition of Pokertsars by Amaya and the state of the i-gaming space.

While Longley is relatively optimistic about the potential success of Amaya moving forward, he does present valid arguments that bring to light skepticism surrounding the “hype” about Amaya’s future growth.

For one thing he points out that the 89 Million registered members Amaya talks about is a historical number of registered users and the real figure is closer to 5 Million active users (nothing to sneeze about anyway but not 89 M).

He then goes on to look at the challenges Amaya and others face in the highly regulated i-gaming space versus the relatively unregulated (but legal) sectors such as daily fantasy sports and social casino that are generating significant revenues. These challenges include not only regulation, but competition and anti-gambling forces and governments.

Personally, in addition to DFS and  social casino, I would add skill based gaming and wagering as a sector that has massive growth potential  as new forms of game play are being “gamblified” and millennials are seeking wagering based entertainment tied to skill and games that appeal to them .

To read Longley’s article click below:

Scott Longley – Regulus Partners – Hype Times | SBC News.

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