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By | October 14, 2014


According to this article from, NJ regulators are inviting skill-based game developers to bring their games to NJ  and find ways to incorporate this type of play into the casino wagering environment. Assuming they pass regulatory hurdles, the games would be fast tracked for approval..

The article states:

“On Tuesday, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) announced it was “eager” to receive submissions from developers of “social and skill-based gaming options such as Candy Crush and Words With Friends,” in the hopes that they would “find ways to incorporate this type of play into the casino wagering environment.”

And that:

“The DGE believes this expanded gaming palette would “bring more customers to a casino’s slot floor or to their internet website.” Social gamers’ familiarity with these products makes it more likely that they would be “willing to try them out for real money casino gaming.””

On June 3, 2014 in a post on this blog I stated the following when discussing what NJ needs to do to succeed in the i-gaming space:

Notwithstanding all of this, NJ could be successful if the operators would focus on mobile and tablet gaming instead of PC based gaming and the software providers would develop unique games that people could wager on that were not the typical slot and casino games they currently offer.

Poker is practically a dead horse and the operators should consider pooling liquidity and using one software provider for the entire State with all the operators sharing in operational costs and proportional revenue (based on delivering players).

Faced with all these issues, it is time for some out-of-the-box thinking in NJ if they want to survive and set a good example for the online gambling proponents.

If King can generate north of a million dollars a day with one game (Candy Crush), there is no reason why NJ operators cannot begin to offer unique and fun games for people to play and wager thereby capitalizing on the opportunity they have been given by the state of NJ.”

See my post:

Seems like the DGE is finally getting the message.

New Jersey Casinos Want Real-Money Skill-Based Social Games | Gambling News :

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  • Stephen Riesenberger


    At NanoTech Gaming Labs, we like to believe that it was our debut at the G2E show in early October that spurred New Jersey Gaming regulators into their press release. It could also be a coincidence 😉

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    We also believe that skill-based games like “Vegas 2047” is the shot in the arm that Atlantic City (and the entire Casino industry, for that matter) needs to adapt to the ever-changing demographics of gamblers.

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